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International transportation

The sphere of our company’s activity is International transportation. We make transportation of any cargo. On the pages of our site you will find out the principles according to which International transportation is carried out and make an order.

Would you like the delivering of your product from the sender to your warehouse to be made in two telephone calls? Not depending on what you need to send – the most tiny computer micro scheme over the whole world or to deliver a gigantic marine oil-rig mount from the Northern to the Caspian Sea - “Antanta Logistic” Company is ready to share with you the necessary professional knowledge and skill to fulfill this task. 

“Antanta Logistic” realizes:
- trucking
- sea freight
- air freight
- rail way freight
We guarantee high quality, material responsibility for cargo and wide range of additional services. 

Additional services include: transport and consular document preparation, juridical accompaniment of the transportation, daily information about the move of your cargo, cargo insurance and many other extra services. The most part of our additional services are offered free of charge. 

Contemporary business does not welcome universality. A company should deal with its own sphere and particular specialization. That is why we are following your needs and wishes.

Every client is important for us, not depending on his freight flow and weight in the market. 

Your profit:

You do not “spend your money” – you save it.
Your turnover will stop being your headache.
You do not need to have specialists in logistics in your staff
You obtain competitive advantages in the market

The effectiveness of working with us is not virtual. Such a common term as “International transportation” can be transferred into money. Our clients have concluded and realized contracts for sums, exceeding millions of dollars. These are facts. In your opinion, what were there expenses on International transportation? How did they build an optimal chain from a producer to an ultimate recipient.  

Systems of planning, prognostication, accounting and the very transportation are introduced and successfully work in the companies of our clients. 

How to see if we are useful for each other and what form of collaboration we can choose?

It is difficult to satisfy a client if you do not understand his needs and expectations. After revealing your needs we decide how to minimize the risk of money and time lost for you and for us.

OUR AIM is to make the expenses on transportation your comparative advantage.  

If our words seem “too good to be true”, call us and you will be able to make sure of it.